"...this session, gave me the confidence I needed.  It was empowering.  Every flaw felt empowering.  I felt ravishing in nakedness!"


boudoir & BEAUTY

 Boudoir, beauty and styled portraits.


Influencer/blogger packages, business branding sessions, and headshots

Couples & Weddings

 Engagement, Anniversary, Homecomings and Weddings

A Small Dose of Intimacy and a LARGE Dose of Confidence

Sasha Dale's “boudoir” portrait sessions are NOT the typical session you imagine when you hear boudoir.  While you CAN choose to wear lingerie for every look, you don't have to - you can wear anything and everything you'd like that makes you feel sexy.  Our style is timeless, powerful and classy.  While you will look and feel sexy as hell, you also won't feel embarrassed to share with your friends, family and maybe even your grandchildren one day!  They will be so impressed at how gorgeous grandma was back in the day ;)

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“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu


I love every opportunity to celebrate love.  I soak up the stories of how you met, how you fell in love, what your silly quirks are, and what draws you deeper into your relationship.  I can't wait to meet you, and help you create a beautiful keepsake of your love as it is today - because tomorrow, it will get better, it will grow, it will change.  <3


First Impressions Count!


Your business portraits are essentially your first handshake with a potential client.  They scour the web for your services, they find several businesses that provide similar services as yours, but there is something about your picture and your branding images throughout your site that draws them in.  You appear approachable, well versed and professional.  You've got style.  You seam PERFECT for them, they want to have a coffee with you!  They are ready to throw their money at you just to have YOU in their life!  It all starts with your professional headshot and branding. 



Your Blog Is Your Meeting Space 


You may not typically meet your 'clients/followers' in person, but as an influencer, your followers practically LIVE with you!  They are attracted to you and your feed, they are excited about your next post and your latest advice and the live through your eyes!  If you need a revamp to help your blog and social media look more cohesive and enticing for new and potential followers, let's work on a plan to do just that.  We will spruce up your blog images so your followers will move right in AND invite their friends!

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