image by Anchored Roots Photography

image by Anchored Roots Photography


My name is Sasha although I also go by several other names. I am known by my 2 children as "MOMMY", by my cats as "THE HUMAN" and by my husband as "BABE"

I am a COFFEE drinker, a SUSHI lover and a Front Porch enthusiast. 

My husband serves in the Unites States Navy, therefore, so do I. Deployments aren't fun, but I learn more and more what I am truly capable of accomplishing when I'm forced to go it alone.  Hence my new mantra - I can and I will, Watch Me.

I am a portrait artist whose sole mission is to enforce and facilitate SELF-LOVE.  We all have our stories--Our doubts--Our fears.  We all deserve to be loved, and it starts with learning to love ourselves first.  

My clients are my joy. I care deeply about helping them see a side of themselves that they have a hard time seeing on their own. We are all our own WORST enemy. My goal is to change that. Seeing my client’s insecurities wash away and be replaced with confidence and empowerment is my guilty pleasure.

To me, beauty lives in your heart. It is sharing the things you love. It is being kind. It is smiling. Beauty is in us all. It is not something you wear on your skin, but something you wear on your soul.