Amanda - Bride to Be (Since then married!)

This gorgeous Bride to Be is Amanda. She has since married the love of her life on September 7th and gifted him these photographs.

She has a dog named bailey, a wild fiancee named Brandon and an even wilder niece named Mia. Amanda works full time as a nanny but when she is not working she really enjoys cooking, one of her favorite meals being brussel sprout meatloaf with home made mashed potatoes and peas (I’ll have some of that please!) She also loves to read romance novels and watch reality TV when she’s looking for some relaxation.

We just love Amanda’s light hearted sense of humor, when asked what her favorite quote was she jokingly said: ‘Always face your problems head on .... unless your face is the problem"….but seriously she loves what RuPaul says about self love: ‘If you don’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love someone else.’

Amanda wanted to have a portrait session done as both a gift for her significant other as well as some self-loving ‘me time’!

Just for fun - here is her husband looking through his new gift <3

Getting Ready-74.jpg