“Always leave things better than you found them”

Meet Kimberly, the stunning mother of two girls (Presley and Gracelyn… her husband LOVES Elvis!). Kim is a retired probation officer, full-time Supermom, and Entrepreneur with Arbonne. Fun fact - she just earned a BRAND NEW MERCEDES! While Kim absolutely LOVED her job as a probation officer (she’s always been a helper, fixer and strategist), she is still able to use her passions and skills with Arbonne and help people be the best version of themselves by taking control & transforming their health & finances.

However - her DREAM job is neither of those! Kim envisions her life as a professional organizer, tackling the world one room at a time and helping people clear their clutter. SIGN ME UP!

In Kim’s spare time, she has a love hate relationship with the gym so sometimes she’ll go, sometimes she wont! She also loves organizing and having things in places they are easily located and put away. I’d like to adopt kim to live with me!

She also loves to scrapbook and make crafts- which is about as relaxed as she may get. She has a tough time slowing down! Kim is a sushi lover (much like myself, yay!) and if you buy her a drink, go for the hard liquor!

IF this busy mama and entrepreneur can catch some time to read, she really enjoys personal development books.

One of her favorite quotes is:

“Always leave things better than you found them”

Kim admits that her insecuries are with her body— it's an ongoing love and unlike relationship, however she is workign towards self love by daily gratitude & affirmations and surrounding herself with like-minded and inspirational people. Just being around Kim for her shoot was incredible and if she can attract friends and a network as uplifting and positive as she is, she is set for life.

I asked Kim what message she wishes to share with her 13-Year Old self and this is what she said:

“Life will be amazing. These experiences will grow you into an amazing and strong woman. This too shall pass.”

Kim is inspired by her parents and grandmother. Growing up, she recognized that her father never complained and always looked at the upside and her mother was always there for her and taught her how to be competent and to take care of things when she’s on her own. Her gram had incredible listening skills and so much unconditional love to spread (plus she made some killer chocolate chip cookies.)

Having this photoshoot done was a way for Kim to take a step oustide of her comfort zone and try something new. She was amazing to work with and honestly we couldn’t stop laughing the whole time. She is an incredible person to know and I’m thankful I had the opportunity!

HMUA: Makeup by CG