Live this life for you and no one else.

A Pisces born on March 3rd, is typically definded by their intuition, sensitivity and self-sacrificing qualities. This rings true for Kaci both in her life and career. (While she’s an office manager, she also volunteers as an EMT which requires both intuition and self-sacrifice!)

Kaci lives in Moosup with her newly wedded husband and she has become a step-mother to a beautiful young girl, plus she's got her own handful of fur babies including 3 dogs, 2 cats, 4 goats and 17 chickens! Yes- you read that right!

When Kaci gets ANY spare time between her jobs and life, she enjoyrs reading (anything by Nora Roberts) or Crocheting, but mostly watching tv with her husband (her favorite series is Greys Anatomy or FRIENDS!)

Kaci is a Coffee, Hard Liquor, or Wine kind of gal (not all at the same time though!) so if you want to delight her with a beverage, those are your options! Also - a girl afte my own heart, she LOVES pasta. Just writing that, now I want to eat soem!

Kaci (like SO many of us women) has had major self-confidence and self-esteem issues over her life. She’s never found herself attractive and has always thought people disliked her. She is working on changing her mindset and loving herself more by doing things like this photo shoot and daring to do things outside of her comfort zone. If she could pass a message onto her 13 year old self, Kaci would tell that girl:

“Do not care so much about what people think. Just be yourself and those who don’t like it do not need to be in your life. Live this life for you.”

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