Boudoir Transformations inspired by Disney's Heroines


I recall sitting around one day, maybe I was editing a boudoir session, when I thought... wouldn't it be cool if my clients wanted something a little more outside the box with their shoots?  Something different? Like something inspired by their favorite on-screen character?  It dawned on me that I wanted to curate a project that helped us transform every day women, moms, teachers, nurses, etc. into a sexy goddess inspired by looks from our favorite Disney Princesses!

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I called the one person I knew would totally rock the hair and makeup transformations for this series, and that was Christen Gundersen with Makeup by CG. Christen specializes in photography and movie makeup and her talent and artistry was the perfect match for this project.  I was thrilled when she was just as excited about the project as I was and it quickly became our 'baby' over the next 6 months.


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We got to work compiling our list of princesses, and were of course incredibly overzealous - we couldn't narrow down our list to less than 13!  We discussed every detail including the month/season we wanted to shoot each model, to location, color themes, model call requirements, etc. and hit the ground running.


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We had no requirements for our model call except that the models were willing to sign a model release so we could share our project with the world!  The biggest trait we searched for in our submissions was hair color and style believe it or not!  We felt that hair was a HUGE part about what defined our princess/heroine inspired styles.  Once we selected our models, we scheduled every shoot up until the end (from January to May).


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We found our lingerie and accessories from multiple places including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Primark, AdoreMe and Yandy. We've included some additional details on where the lingerie was found in the individual blog posts for each shoot!


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The hardest part of this project was keeping it secret and waiting!  We knew we needed to shoot some in the snow, while others needed to be at the beach, and we couldn't imagine putting our models in the water during February so we understood our project would take some time!  That time was SO worth the wait!


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Our models were compiled from every day women who just wanted to work with us!  We had students, moms, childcare providers, artists, nurses, aestheticians, teachers, musicians, etc.  It was an amazing group of women we got to work with and we are humbled by their willingness to allow us to not only transform them into these Disney inspired goddesses but to also share their images with the world!


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We had a hard time deciding which our favorite was, because every time we began a new shoot, we were even more and more excited.  The purpose of this project was to really test our creativity and allow us to step outside the box a little - or a lot!  We had SO much fun with this series and we can't WAIT to do another one!