Disney's Merida Inspired Boudoir Shoot {2018}

This project has been so much fun so far!  Our 3rd transformation came from inspiration from Disney's Merida, or "Brave" as everyone I know calls her haha.  This gorgeous red-head happens to be my Step-Sister and I knew immediately she'd be perfect for this role!  She had a lot of hair, so instead of doing crazy kinky curls around her entire head, we did large curls underneath and just went super curly on the to layer, brushed it out a bit and voila! We kept her makeup very subtle since Merida is a tom-boyish character who didn't really wear a lot!  I think Christen (Makeup by CG) hit the nail on the head with this one - or should I say, the arrow on the bullseye! The gorgeous bodysuit was purchased from Amazon, you can find the link HERE  - and if you are really interested in the cape - the link to that is HERE.  We found this awesome set of bow-and-arrows on Amazon as well with rubber tips (great for kids if you want to snag a set) and Christen was awesome enough to build the case herself!!

We shot the shoot at a Gillettes Castle in Connecticut because it just gave us that Scottish vibe that you get from the movie.


Some behind the scenes for your enjoyment!


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