Disney's Mulan Inspired Boudoir Shoot {2018}

Since the purpose of this project was not only to show how easy it was to transform every day amazing women into a goddess inspired by Disney Princesses, but also to give Christen Gundersen (Makeup by CG) and myself (Sasha Dale, duh!) a creative outlet to try new and exciting styles/looks etc.  With this thought in mind, we decided to take our Mulan look a step further and add a Geisha vibe to the shoot! Christen found the perfect robe at Goodwill, the light pink teddy came from Primark and the flower headpiece was a garland from Michaels craft store!

If you scroll down, you'll see that we decided to VAMP up this look for fun and added some black and red to her wardrobe and makeup - go check it out!


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