Disney's Pocahontas Inspired Boudoir Session {2018}

I recall sitting around one day, maybe I was editing a boudoir session, when I thought... wouldn't it be cool if my clients wanted something a little more creative with their shoots?  Something different? Like something inspired by their favorite on-screen character?  It dawned on me that I wanted to curate a project that helped us transform every day women, moms, teachers, nurses, etc. into a sexy goddess inspired by looks from our favorite Disney Princesses! We got to work compiling our list of princesses, and were of course incredibly overzealous - we couldn't narrow down our list to less than 13!  We decided everything from the month we wanted to shoot each model, to location - and quickly realized that we wanted to shoot Pocahontas first as we were approaching the end of November - near Thanksgiving.  The leaves where almost all gone and we needed to get her shoot done quick.  We planned this in about a week - and I reached out to one of my favorite clients, Michelle of @ByQuinn fashion blog.  I knew she'd be a perfect model for us to kick-start this series.

Christen, the ever so talented HMUA, designed Michelle's outfit ...or lack thereof ;)  and I helped complete the look with a STUNNING necklace from Target and a gold foil press-on tattoo that I'd ordered off Amazon a few years back for a bohemian inspired senior session.  The necklace had gold and grey stones, so I had to do a little color change in PhotoShop to give it the signature turquoise look that Pocahontas wore in that iconic film.

Take a look at this awesome transformation below.  We used some simple hair extensions to give Michelle's hair some length, and we didn't do much more styling at that.  Pocahontas has long thick straight hair, so we didn't need to add any curl!  Christen added some gorgeous warm hue to Michelle's eyes and really accentuated them, plus - she completed the look with a slight tint of orange lipstick ... the BEST choice!


Michelle was incredibly awesome considering we were shooting outside during 30 degree weather!  The waterfalls at Devils Hopyard were a necessity for this shoot so we are thankful that Michelle was open to modeling for us there!


I made sure to add a warm feel to the images, you can see below on the 'left' before image how cold and gloomy it really was for this shoot!  Be sure to check out all of our other Disney Inspired princess shoots on the blog!