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Mrs. G {CT Boudoir Portraits}

This gorgeous woman, wife and dog-momma is a genetic counselor who grew to have a passion for this career when she pursued healthcare education options in college, after initially wanting to be a doctor. Mrs. G and her husband are very active in her church. They volunteer quite a bit there. They also have close families and love to spend time with them. She is definitely introverted, so sometimes she needs re-charge time at home. She's a homebody who loves to write (she's an avid journal-er), knit, craft and read. Her favorite book is The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, though she also indulges in the Chronicals of Narnia and Little House On the Prairie Series.


This girl LOVES food! Making it, baking it, eating it, going somewhere else to eat it, along with traveling - she'll take a good road trip any day!  Maine is her destination of choice, as her family has a perfect little cabin there.  You'll find her unwinding to a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, and occasionally a cold beer.  If you want the key to her tummy, feed her some delicious seafood pasta and you can't go wrong!

When she finds time to snuggle on the couch and binge-watch her favorite Netflix series, she typically chooses between Office and Parks & Recreation.  She loves the humor of them both. When she's in the mood for a bit more drama, Mrs. G will turn on Call the Midwife.


I asked this gorgeous woman what her favorite quote was and she had a tough time coming up with one.  She loves reading and writing, so words are so powerful for her, so she couldn't just choose one.  She narrowed down to FOUR!

"He has shown you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." Micah 6:8

"There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind." -C.S. Lewi

"Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone - we find it with another." -Thomas Merton

And a bonus, which seems fitting for this purpose:

"She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come." Proverbs 31:25


One of Mrs. G's insecurities has always been how young she looks. She is 30 and has never understood our society's compulsion to look young - she's never understood why you'd be embarrassed to be the age you are! But since she was 12, people always say she looks like she's 12. And 12 is just an age she didn't like being, and that she would never want to be again.

She understands that people don't say that she looks young to be unkind - a lot of people think it's a compliment. (Although, really, who wants to look like a tween?) Mrs. G has worked towards caring less when they say it.


If she could send her 13-year-old self one message, she would say:

"beauty is from the inside. When someone's not beautiful on the inside, it will show on the outside. There are so many ways to be beautiful. Find what makes you beautiful and be grateful for those things, and stay away from people who want you to stay in a cycle of insecurity."


Mrs. G has always looked up to her mom because she is so fearless in a lot of areas that Mrs. G is not fearless in. She is so good at starting conversations, which is something that I Mrs. G is terrible at, and not being concerned about what other people think about her. Her mom has also always been such a good mom to her brothers and herself. For all that confidence that she has, though, one area she's not confident or positive in is the way she looks, and Mrs. G wishes her mother was.


These pictures are a gift for her husband, as something special for him, but they (and the process) is also a gift for herself. She would like these pictures to hold this time in their lives as a memory - a time when they are married, and in love, and before they have babies - and also to hold this time for herself as memory. She is so excited to have children with her husband, and she's been really cherishing her pre-baby time right now, so this seems like a special way to celebrate as they get ready for the next step!



"This was a wonderful experience and I can’t say enough good things! Let me start by telling you too much about myself. I’ve been considering doing a boudoir session since 2011, when I was in my early twenties. It always was put on the back burner: how do you find someone to take pictures of you in your underwear and be sure they won’t murder you or that your pictures won’t end up on your mom’s Facebook wall? Fast forward to 2018, when some wacky train of thought and Pinterest browsing led to me Googling “boudoir photographers near me,” and I came across Sasha!

I was immediately drawn in by Sasha’s website and how much helpful information she gives you about boudoir sessions there. I also loved her style: not too over-the-top, but airy and natural “I-woke-up-like-this” photos. I saw so much variety in the different clients she photographed and it showed that Sasha really listens to her clients and that their sessions are reflections of them.

Then from the beginning, I had such an amazing experience with Sasha. She met with me for about an hour just to show me her studio, the products she has, and to answer my questions. She was very supportive of my idea to use my wedding dress, which is so special to me to be able to use it again! I also did an in-person wardrobe consultation. I used some of the items from her wardrobe – a bodysuit, a bra and panty set, a sheer robe, a necklace, and a floral crown. (The floral crown shows the session was also for me – my husband has never said, “You know what’s sexy? Floral crowns!”)

The day of the shoot was a wonderful pampering day. Christen was amazing with hair and makeup and it was so laid back, like hanging out with two friends. I did start to get a little nervous when we started shooting. Have you ever thought something would be a cute candid picture of you and when you see it you realize you actually have a triple chin and scrunch your eyes really asymmetrically? I have. In addition to the fear that I would look rabid instead of sexy, I was intimidated about having to pull out sexy poses, but Sasha is so great at directing you while she’s shooting. She gives you very specific instructions and helps you account for all parts of your body, the position of your hands, feet, arms, legs, chin. It makes it easy! Let me ask you, are you the type of person who prides themselves on being excellent at following directions at the doctor’s office? (I know this is weird, but surely I’m not the only one.) You’ll be great at this!

Sasha and Christen make you feel so at-ease. At one point, I was on the bed flipping my hair, and Christen is alongside the bed, dancing to make me laugh! Sasha is also so encouraging while she shoots. I walked away with the impression that she thinks all women are beautiful and wants them to feel good in their own skin.

These would be my litmus test questions for you if you’re considering it: do you like feeling beautiful? Do you like feeling good in your own skin? Do you like being pampered? Would you like to meet a very lovely and very down-to-Earth person who will help you do those things? Would you like a beautiful and forever gift for yourself and possibly your partner? Then you are worth it!"

Disney's Snow White Inspired Boudoir Session {2018}

The fairest of them all, Snow White was our inspiration for this stunning transformation.  Christen (Makeup by CG) decided to add some black to the lip for a more 'poisonous' lip color and have it 'ombre' to read in the middle.  It looked incredible.  We pinned her hair back a bit for that iconic Snow White do, and added pearls to throw in that vintage 40's vibe.  Of course - we also had to add the apple, and went as far as using a red smoke bomb for some extra flare! The velvet top was from Target, the bottoms were from Amazon!


A little behind the scenes for fun:


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Disney's Rapunzel Inspired Boudoir Session {2018}

When we prepared to transform this gorgeous mama into our Rapunzel inspired boudoir diva, we also decided we'd take her outside the studio to the closest thing we thought resembled a lonely tower - and that was an abandoned warehouse just on the other side of town.  In fact, we stayed on the first floor since access to any additional floors was blocked off - and we just made sure to shoot from an angle that allowed the image to appear as if she was up in a tower.  We also brought flowers from the studio and randomly placed them amongst the dead wintery vines climbing up the building to give a little life to them! Christen, owner of Makeup by CG (the master behind the hair and makeup transformations in this series) stuck with a soft feminine look, a long braid and some flowers scattered throughout!  I had already ordered this gorgeous teddy from Adore Me and it was absolutely perfect for a Rapunzel inspired look.


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Mhari {CT Boudoir Portraits}

Meet Mhari, the gorgeous mom to a 1.5 year old rescue mutt named Finnigan. She lives with her boyfriend, George, and his 12 year old black lab, Sophie. Mhari is a jeweler and has always wanted to be one since she was a little girl.

"All of my allowance money went to beads and supplies. My mom and grandmother have been the gracious recipients of many of my iffy early works. And they still have them to this day. Lol I’d like to think I’ve improved slightly since then."


"I love taking the dogs either hiking or to the beach. Finnigan is a giant dork that loves to run in big circles. Fortunately he’s madly in love with Sophie so he never strays too far. I also really enjoy visiting breweries with George. We like to load the dogs in the car, go for a hike and then stop at a new brewery on the way home while the dogs nap in the back seat. I’m also working on a jewelry line of my own, outside of my “day job” as a jeweler lol."

To relax, Mhari enjoys reading a book or playing a video game preferably with her toes tucked under the closest dog, the other is usually right next to her too.


Mhari is a Beer lover who's favorite meal is Chicken tikka Masala with garlic naan (and now I'm hungry).

She enjoys reading Sci-fi and fantasy, "all the magic and talking animals please!" but if she chooses Netflix over a book, you'll catch her watching Firefly, agents of shield or Plant Earth.


"It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go." Jim Rhon


"I have the usual 'I wish I had a flatter stomach, thinner thighs, bigger boobs, clearer skin, less frizzy hair.' [types of insecurities]. I’m constantly awkward and unsure in new situations. Also I come from a large family of overly educated people. Both my parents are Ph.D scientists. Two of my sisters have engineering degrees, one of which is working on her doctorate. But I’m the oldest and I’m a college drop out. So I’m very insecure about my lack of college degree and the fact that I’m the art kid of my family. [...continued below]


...I’m taking long hikes and trying to eat healthier. Learning to cook is really helping with that. I’ve just learned that a green squash is also called a zucchini! Lol. I’m working on focusing on my strengths and successes. Knowing that I’m chasing my dreams and that my work isn’t just “art kid playing around” that it’s hard and difficult work, and that I’m creating wearable art, not just shiny things."


If Mhari could send a message to her 13-year-old self, she would say this: "Hold tight to the confidence you feel. Rock that pixie cut and middle finger to anyone who says you look like a boy. Ignore those who tell you that you need to think about a “real job” and that being a jeweler isn’t realistic."


Samantha {CT Boudoir & Beauty Portraits, 2018}


Meet Samantha.  This stunning woman chose to get a shoot done in celebration of her 40th birthday, though if you ask me, she looks not a day older than 29.  Seriously! Samantha is a dog-momma to Sheldon, and she spends her days caring for him, building her incredible portrait photography business, eating incredibly healthy and exploring the outdoors every chance she gets.  She refers to herself as a Light chaser which is a term related to her career in photography - always looking for new and beautiful sites to photograph and subjects to capture. When she's not working, Samantha will find herself on a hike in both new and familiar places, she loves to read (Historical Fiction ad Sci-Fi) and especially loves enjoying dinners with friends.  When she's in the mood for a Netflix binge, Samantha will lean towards Outlander for sure!


Samantha is not a coffee-holic like me, if she had to choose, she enjoys Hot Cocoa or Wine, and when it comes to a good dinner, she enjoys an occasional Artisan pizza!


W hat message do you wish you can tell the thirteen year old version of you about self image?

I experienced a lot of racism at that age so I would just tell that version of myself that "there's beauty in everything and also...not to worry that the braces will eventually come off" LOL


Chelsea (Beauty by Chelsea Dea) did Samantha's hair & make-up for this shoot!



I recently had a session with Sasha celebrating my 40th birthday. I am also a photographer and I know one thing about myself, I hate being in front of the camera. I had lots of options when choosing a photographer and I knew that Sasha was the best person for the job and she nailed it out of the park. She took beautiful photos of me and I was beyond thrilled. I expected to like maybe two or three photos but I sincerely loved each and every single one of them. Sasha has an innate ability to tap into what you desire in a photo, she takes great care and learning as much as she can about you and plans your session in great detail. I highly recommend her and I can assure you you will not be disappointed!